Shamrock Sort by Size

Hi all!  I’ve had so much fun with rainbows that it’s been hard to add actual St. Patrick’s Day activities.  We did sort shamrocks by size!  Feel free to download the Shamrock Size sort PDF.

Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


St Patty’s Pomander

I just love this decoration from my St. Patty’s Day mantel.  It’s puffy, colorful and super fun.  I got the original idea from a Pinterest Pin {I love that place, don’t you?} when it was done in pink.

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Felt clover art

Before you read any further… check out my wreath giveaway!  Who doesn’t like free stuff?  Now on to St. Patty’s Day business.

I had a TON of fun making this little project.  So bright and cheery! I used this Pinterest Pin as my inspiration.  I covered an 8×10 piece of cardboard with a great green fabric, then I made 5 of the cute felt shamrocks.  I promise you felt is easiest…  I made them with paper, with fabric and then with felt as shown on the pin.  Neither the paper nor the fabric worked well.  I then hot glued the shamrocks down, removed the glass from a picture frame and popped it in.  I love the way it’s 3-D and adds great color to my St. Patrick’s Day mantel!

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St Patty’s Day Banner Sewing Tutorial

My banner is the finishing touch on my mantel.  I had so much fun sewing it.  I am NOT a seamstress, but I can sew a straight line which is exactly what is needed to make the banner.  As long as you have access to a sewing machine and can sew a straight line, you can make one for yourself too! Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day Tracing and Cutting

Happy Friday!  Woo hoo!  Here are some great tracing and cutting printables to use with your little ones.  Learning to trace top to bottom and left to right is an essential skill in learning to write.  In addition, cutting practice is a very important fine motor skill.  Practice cutting daily!

** Click on the PDF link to download a PDF of each practice page!**

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Top to Bottom Tracing PDF

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St Patty’s Day Inspired Wreath

Oh my GOSH, do I love this wreath?!?!?  Yup, I most certainly do!

I took my Valentine’s wreath and turned it into this.  Although it’s not overtly St Patrick’s Day colors, it was inspired by the holiday.  I have a feeling it will make it’s way back to my front door in May/June after my Spring one comes down.  I really does look “every day”.  Continue reading