Easter Trace and Cut Practice Printables

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Easter is here and I am in LOVE with all of the beautiful Spring colors!  My little ones always need practice tracing left to right and on curved lines.  Slide these adorable printables into a page protector and let your kiddos use white board markers to practice tracing as many times as they please.  Straight Line download

Curved Line download

Aren’t they cute?

Love the colors!

Since cutting pages CAN’T be re-used I made the cutting practice page in black and white so making several copies won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  🙂

Enjoy building those pre-writing skills with your little one and practice cutting, cutting, cutting!

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St Patrick’s Day Tracing and Cutting

Happy Friday!  Woo hoo!  Here are some great tracing and cutting printables to use with your little ones.  Learning to trace top to bottom and left to right is an essential skill in learning to write.  In addition, cutting practice is a very important fine motor skill.  Practice cutting daily!

** Click on the PDF link to download a PDF of each practice page!**

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Top to Bottom Tracing PDF

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Letter T – Teddy Bear Day

Today we get to bring our favorite teddies to school!  Don’t you just love cuddling with something soft and squishy?  To honor our teddy bears on teddy bear picnic day we’ll be reading several stories:  Teddy Bear Picnic,  Brown Bear, and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

Every preschool kiddo loves a great hat so today we’re making hats!  Get the PDF hat here.

Have fun and happy cuddling!

I also found wooden bear shapes Continue reading

Valentine trace & cut printables

I love allowing kids to work on simple tracing or cutting activities during their “free time” {like when their REAL projects are done}.  I made the cutting pages in black and white since each child will need their own.  For the tracing pages, I print them in color and then slip them into a page protector and let the kids use dry erase markers to practice.  To download the image just click on it and then save it and print it.

**  MAKE SURE you are viewing and saving the full size version of these images or they won’t enlarge well on a paper.  I’ll save and post as a pdf version next time.**


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