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Happy Friday!  I went to see The Hunger Games  last night this morning at midnight.  I have a feeling this is going to be a long day… {my kids are home for the start of Spring Break}  BUT, it was SOOO GOOD!

Who loves new fonts?  I love new fonts?  Is your hand raised too? 

Download AnabelCrankdeal, Sprout, Bright Future, CM Party

Have a FANTASTIC weekend and happy sleeping!


Stained Glass Egg Art

I love making pretty things with my preschool students for holidays.  This will remind you of my Valentine stained glass hearts we made in February, but it’s EASTER!

Print off the Egg shape on various colors of construction paper.  You can print the Christian Version or the traditional Easter version.

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Use clear contact paper and strips of tissue paper cut in straight lines, wavy lines, or get creative and use your craft scissors.  When I’m prepping for 24 kiddos I tend to go the simple route.

Have children layer the strips of tissue paper on the clear contact paper.  Once it’s complete, sandwich it between 2 pieces of construction paper and cut out the egg shape.  {I always pre-cut the inside oval out to make it easier.}  If you want a full tutorial with pictures of each step see my Valentine Stained Glass Hearts.

To remind my class of the TRUE reason we celebrate Easter we put a cross onto our clear contact paper PRIOR to adding the strips of tissue paper to end up with the above picture.

Want to know when they truly shine?  When hung in a window.  It brings out all of their stained glass glory!  I purposefully took these pics with no flash to show off the stained glass portion, not the entire project.

Beautiful don’t you think?

Enjoy getting crafty with the little people in your life.  Happy Easter!  HE IS RISEN!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!

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Twine Egg Banner

Happy Easter!  I am in love with my colorful Easter Banner I made this year.  Yes, it’s the dreaded twine (I used embroidery floss) over balloons.  Sounds fun and messy right!  Well, gather your favorite colored twine, { I couldn’t find twine in the right colors, so I used embroidery floss.} water balloons and some glue.

Step 1:  Blow up several water balloons.  {This can be tricky and make your mind a little fuzzy, but I promise if you endure it will be worth it}.  Don’t mind my drop cloth  🙂

Step 2:  Tape down the part of the balloon that you blow in.  Not sure what its real name is. Let’s call it the “neck”.

Step 3: Mix together equal parts white glue and water.  First I dumped the floss into a cup of the glue/water solution. Umm…  don’t do this.  All I got was a huge tangled mess of embroidery floss.  So instead I used a plate of the solution and zig zagged the floss through it so I could wrap a whole bunch at once.  Wrap the balloons in a random pattern with your soaked twine or floss.

Step 4:  Let them dry {I let mine dry for several days until the balloons started shrinking.}  Pop the balloons and then remove using tiny scissors and tweezers.  These are my fabulous eggs with the wrinkled up, popped balloons still inside.  Pretty right?

FINAL STEP:  String them onto any type of twine, ribbon etc. or just put them in a pretty dish for Easter.

Hope this gets you inspired to create something special for your house for Easter too!  Happy Easter!

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Letter W Worm

Whew!  What a week we’ve had!  This is a simple idea, but the kids REALLY enjoyed it!  We made giant letters out of brown paper, added some brown string to represent sections of the worms body and googly eyes.  Who doesn’t love google eyes?  Getting some REAL worms to let the kids explore is always a treat!  You’ll be amazed that after a couple of days with your new “pets” even the most timid of kids might venture a feel.  We did it last year and the kids LOVED it!

Happy letter making and good luck inspiring the little people in your lives to learn their letters!

Easter Mantel

Each holiday I am falling in love with my mantel more and more.  It’s so fun being crafty and festive!  So…. drumroll please…  here is my Easter mantel.

I decided NOT to go with traditional Easter pastels, but a more modern and bright version of Easter colors.  Over the next two-ish weeks I’ll be posting tutorials for all of the fabulous ideas seen on this mantel, plus a few other Spring bonuses not seen here.  PLUS on March 27th one of my tutorials will be posted at one of my favorite blogs, Oopsey Daisy!  Follow via e-mail or Facebook to make sure you don’t miss any great Easter ideas!

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Easter Subway Art

Yeah!  It’s Friday and my Big Guy turns 6 today! Feels like he was just born.  Enough about me, let’s get to some Easter fun!  I love this printable and I hope you will too.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of Easter Subway art that is all about the bunny.  Although we enjoy Easter baskets and egg hunts at our house I want to glorify the One who rose from the dead on Easter, my Savior.  So I created my own Easter Subway Art to bring glory to Jesus, the Risen One!  I had it printed on canvas in the modern Easter colors.  To download a huge version {to use as you please} simply click on the style you want.

*Please note: All free printables are only for readers of Creative Preschool Resources . If you enjoy this printable, please take a second to “follow” us to receive email updates or follow via Facebook {top sidebar on home page}. Thank you!

I went with pastels, jewel tones and modern Easter colors.  Enjoy!

16×20 version {below}

16×20 versions {top 3}

11×14 version {bottom 3}

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Letter t Turtle

Okay, so with all of the excitement with my “You’ve been Egged” post, this is sort of lame.   But, it’s something we actually did and the kids LOVED it.  That’s most important to me.  🙂   If you also think this post might be a little lacking, check back tomorrow.  You are going to LOVE what I’m posting!!!  Oh and if you haven’t seen the You’ve Been Egged post, check it out!  It’s super fun.  {Think Booed, Easter style}

To help us learn the letter shape for “t” we made silly little turtles using construction paper, tissue paper and google eyes.  First I cut out a t shape from construction paper.  I made the “head” and “front legs” rounded at the end and the bottom of the t pointed.

The kids glued on oval “shells”, google eyes and “back legs”.  To make the letter shape visible while the turtle wears his shell, the turtle was made out of tissue paper.  Have fun, the kids will love this project and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for something you won’t want to miss.