Adorable Sock Bunny

Oh. My. Good. Ness.  These are the cutest little bunnies I’ve ever seen!  Next week my preschool kiddos will be making one of these at our Easter party and I can’t wait to see our adorable collection of bunnies!

These are so easy, you won’t believe it!

First purchase Men’s tube socks {that way they have no heel} and insert a 2×4 cut to approx 5-8 inches depending on the height you want.  Honestly I won’t measure, I’ll just eyeball the cuts and they’ll be naturally varied.

Tie a cute ribbon at the top.  Loving the polka dots right now.

Cut ear shapes out of the socks.

Hot glue the bottom portion of the ears closed, leaving the top open to add a little stuffing.

Then hot glue the rest of the ears closed.

Use paint to add eyes, nose, pink ears, whiskers and cute rosy cheeks.  We will be using tacky glue to add some buttons too.

They look cute EVERYWHERE!  In front of the fireplace…

On the porch…

In a window.  You just can’t go wrong.

Mine will be joining my Easter mantel.

So, are you going to make some?  Your kids would LOVE it!!!

Happy Crafting!


Stained Glass Egg Art

I love making pretty things with my preschool students for holidays.  This will remind you of my Valentine stained glass hearts we made in February, but it’s EASTER!

Print off the Egg shape on various colors of construction paper.  You can print the Christian Version or the traditional Easter version.

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Use clear contact paper and strips of tissue paper cut in straight lines, wavy lines, or get creative and use your craft scissors.  When I’m prepping for 24 kiddos I tend to go the simple route.

Have children layer the strips of tissue paper on the clear contact paper.  Once it’s complete, sandwich it between 2 pieces of construction paper and cut out the egg shape.  {I always pre-cut the inside oval out to make it easier.}  If you want a full tutorial with pictures of each step see my Valentine Stained Glass Hearts.

To remind my class of the TRUE reason we celebrate Easter we put a cross onto our clear contact paper PRIOR to adding the strips of tissue paper to end up with the above picture.

Want to know when they truly shine?  When hung in a window.  It brings out all of their stained glass glory!  I purposefully took these pics with no flash to show off the stained glass portion, not the entire project.

Beautiful don’t you think?

Enjoy getting crafty with the little people in your life.  Happy Easter!  HE IS RISEN!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!

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Rainbow fun

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In honor of both the Noah story and St. Patrick’s Day we’re having LOTS of rainbow themed fun!  We’re integrating music, Bible stories, math and art.  What great fun!

To begin the week we HAVE to learn the rainbow song and read the NOAH STORY {there’s a Noah song we learn too but I’ll post about Noah another day}.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple,

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

makes the rainbow BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT!

We made rainbow colored splatter paintings using droppers and all of the colors of the rainbow.  Who doesn’t love getting messy at preschool?

Our paint is ready to go!  Check out those fun droppers from Discount School Supplies.

Each and every piece of art turned out so different.  Aren’t they pretty?  I can’t wait to hang them around the classroom!

We made simple rainbows using 1 inch squares of paper in each color.  This is a great fine motor activity for little fingers!  As the teacher I first draw each colored arch with a crayon and then it gets covered as the squares are placed down.

We use the left over rainbow squares to practice patterning.  We’ve got to mix in a little math here or there.

For additional math skills we sort objects by rainbow colors using TWEEZERS!  I just love my kid tweezers!  Simply make a HUGE rainbow out of construction paper.

Grab a bucket of colored items for the kids to sort.

We used tweezers which adds entertainment value for me.  🙂  I cracked up watching them attempt to pick up a plastic strawberry using tweezers.

Here are a few of my rainbow sorting helpers!

We practiced writing our names (or the first letter of our names depending on the age) using all of the colors of the rainbow.  Have the students sing the rainbow song to figure out what color comes next.  First I write their name or first letter gently in pencil for them to trace.

We painted our hands to create this super cute rainbow art project.  Paint the pinkie finger red, ring finger orange, middle finger yellow, pointer finger green, thumb violet and the entire palm white.  Help the kids drag their finger tips in an arch (not placing the palm down)  before stopping to make a hand print.

To study color mixing (Science) put a TON of caro syrup in 3 ziplock bags.  To the first bag add red food coloring and seal WELL.  To the second bag add yellow food coloring and to the third add blue food coloring.  Seal all of the bags well!  Then use a light box, a window or simply a white piece of paper to show how colors mix by overlapping portions of the bags.  Don’t actually mix the colors, just overlap the bags.

We also make these super cute rainbow/clouds.  I used crepe paper for the rainbows, but of course the store was out of orange and had to use tissue paper for that one.  We actually cut out 2 clouds and then stuffed the “trimmings” in the middle to give it a puffed up look.  Download the cloud PDF

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Rainbow themed ideas are NEVER ending!  Enjoy them year round with your kiddos!

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Fabulous Fractions

Well in the world of preschool, fractions are a foreign concept usually unless it comes to food and real items.  My kids always seem to know when they don’t get their fair share of the pizza, mac and cheese, oreo etc.  Introducing the kids to the concept of half and whole is an appropriate skill.  Use these free printables to help your little ones recognize the difference between half and whole.  They could also be used as super simple puzzles for the students to place the correct halves together to form a whole.  Happy math time!

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Download the fruit PDF 

Download the animal and tree PDF

Download the random shapes PDF

All graphics are from

By Revi Devi

Cupcake Cuties

Lilly Bimble

Dr Seuss Tag

I love Dr. Seuss and celebrating his birthday with my class.  I made this easy to attach tag to give as a little “favor” for each child.*Please note: All free printables are only for readers of Creative Preschool Resources . If you enjoy this printable, please take a second to “follow” us to recieve email updates {top sidebar}. Thank you!

Simply print the tag out and attach it to a baggie of goldfish or Swedish fish.  PDF tagEnjoy!

The book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” is actually a yellow book which is why I made the tag yellow.  If you’d like a more traditional “Dr Seuss” color scheme check this one out!  Download the PDF here

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St Patrick’s Day Tracing and Cutting

Happy Friday!  Woo hoo!  Here are some great tracing and cutting printables to use with your little ones.  Learning to trace top to bottom and left to right is an essential skill in learning to write.  In addition, cutting practice is a very important fine motor skill.  Practice cutting daily!

** Click on the PDF link to download a PDF of each practice page!**

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Top to Bottom Tracing PDF

Left to right tracing PDF Continue reading

Letter S – Shaving Cream Snowman

I love letter S.  So many things start with the splendid letter!  We just got TONS of snow making SNOW our key word for letter S.  We made these wonderfully PUFFY 3-D snowmen to celebrate.  3-D is all the rage, so why not add some to our art!  🙂

Mix 60ish% shaving cream (non gel kind, I prefer Barbasol) with 40ish% white glue and allow children to form 3 “blobs” on their paper. Allowing them to use their fingers adds extra squishy fun!  1 Dixie cup of the mixture per child was enough to make the example.  Let dry overnight.  It really does keep it’s “PUFFED UP” shape!  Give students markers, construction paper, pom pom balls, whatever you have around the house/classroom etc. to decorate their snowmen!  Enjoy!  Download the PDF version of the printable here.