Valentine stained glass heART

Each year I make these stained glass hearts.  They make the classroom look so festive!  Here’s how I make them with my class!

  1. Copy the provided image {at end of post} onto construction paper.
  2. Staple the picture to an additional piece of construction paper {this keeps the hearts from slipping during cutting}
  3. Cut out the middle of the heart {make sure to cut BOTH pieces of paper}
  4. Cut a piece of clear contact paper slightly bigger that the heart
  5. Cut pieces of tissue paper in desired colors into approx. 1 inch squares.
  6. Remove the background paper from the contact paper and have children layer the tissue paper pieces onto the sticky side in any way they choose.
  7. Sandwich the contact paper between your pieces of construction paper
  8. Cut around the outside heart {which will trim the contact paper as needed}
  9. Tack down with a stapler or glue.
  10. Add string or ribbon and ENJOY!

Download the blackline master:  pdf version

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