Letter Q quilt

Nothing goes better with letter Qq than a quilt.  {Who doesn’t love getting cozy in a warm and snuggly hand-made quilt?}  I’m sure we’ll have a couple dozen quilts show up for letter Qq sharing day.  To help the kiddos remember letter Qq we are making paper quilts using white construction paper, cut up scrapbook paper and yarn.

After gluing the quilt together we will help the students add a capital and lower case letter to their quilt.  Once all of their “mini” paper quilts are complete we’ll sew them together using paper punch holes and yarn and then display the GIANT quilt in the classroom.


Valentine’s Day Flower Suckers

I wanted something adorable that my 7 year old was capable of making for Valentine’s Day this year.  I thought, what better than a Valentine that looks like a beautiful flower?   Any girl would love to hand those out.  We came up with these…


Penny & Nickel Sort

Playing with money is super fun!  Give each kiddo a handful of pennies and nickels and ask them to sort using the sorting sheet provided.  They’ll think it’s a game, you know it’s coin recognition and sorting rolled into one, plus counting to get their final results and you could even compare {which has more?  which has less?}!  Continue reading

Letter P Penguin

When learning about letter Pp what better way is there to learn then to make a giant P into a cute penguin?  It don’t think there is a cuter way.  🙂  So here is our giant P penguin.  The letter P is made from an entire sheet of 12×18 construction paper.  I simply used various colors of construction paper to make all of the rest of the parts and the kids get to glue him together.  To add a little flair we made them Rockhopper Penguins and added feathers to the top of his head.  Happy penguin making!